Compliance and CSR

We understand that getting the fundamentals right and ensuring that we operate in a transparent and compliant manner is imperative.

The Water industry is regulated by a number of public bodies. The key regulatory organisations include:

  • Office of Water Services OFWAT
  • The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA
  • Environment Agency EA
  • Drinking Water Inspectorate DWI

We support our customers in all compliance and CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) related matters; greatly enhancing their 'green credentials' and their ability to report upon them.

Severn Trent Connect are committed to operating in a responsible, compliant and transparent manner and we strive to be 'best in class' when delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all of our stakeholders.

The very nature of what we do means that we are already a business that greatly contributes to sustainable development. But we are also continuously committed to sound environmental and operational practice; aiming to exceed all baseline legal requirements.

We strive to improve the quality of life of our workforce and their families and have a positive impact on our local communities and wider society.

We believe that CSR and Compliance are closely linked. Thus the principals, processes and procedures we apply to achieve our CSR goals are detailed, varied and pragmatic. Our dedicated compliance team manage our day to day compliance and regulatory work and the delivery of our continuous improvement agenda. Without their important work we would find it very difficult to deliver upon our CSR goals.

Working safely and responsibly is a crucial component of our culture and this is a mind-set shared by every member of the Severn Trent Connect team.