Clean drains are good for business

Clean drains are better for everyone. Blockages smell and can cause raw sewage to flood back into businesses. Nobody wants the hassle, the cost, or damage to reputation. That’s why we’re working with local businesses to reduce blockages

Drains can block when the wrong things are flushed or poured down the loo or sink. Not many people know that cooking oil, fat and leftover food sticks to sanitary towels, tampons and wipes, which all turn solid once the oil and fat cools.

Blocked drains can lead to closed businesses, unhappy customers and even a fine of up to £5,000.

Clean drains mean – happy businesses, happy planet and happy customers.

If you operate a food service business, in order for it to run as normal, you need to:

  • Install properly sized grease trapping equipment to reduce the amount of fat, oil and grease going into the drains
  • Clean and maintain the equipment inline with the manufacturer’s instructions and records of the cleaning must be kept and available on request
  • Make sure all fat, oil and grease removed from the equipment is collected in a suitable container and disposed of by a licensed waste contractor. Records of the disposal need to be kept and must be available on request

It’s important to make sure your waste contractor is Environment Agency licensed. Find out more information about current legislation, or to find a registered carrier visit: