Useful Industry Links

There is a significant amount of technical and legislative requirements that comes with renovating or building a new property.

Whether you are renovating a building, building a new home or developing an entire site. You will need to have different levels of awareness and understanding of the number of different industry requirements and specifications.

We have provided a number of links below which we hope you will find helpful. Alternatively you could try our FAQs page or give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have.

These links will help you better understand the industries construction specifications and standards. Some documents are meant as a guidance only and you should confirm our adoption requirements before you design your site. Please contact us to discuss design requirements.

There are a large number of industry documents that provide specific detailed information and guidance on the latest regulations within there subject area. We have attached links to some of these documents below, and hope you find them useful.

Should you have any questions that you believe we can help with, then please feel free to contact us.