OFWAT consultation published for Wellesley

Severn Trent Services (Water & Sewerage) Ltd T/A Severn Trent Connect has applied to be the sewerage undertaker for a development consisting of 3,850 new household properties and an existing Ministry of Defence base at Wellesley, Aldershot, Hampshire.

OFWAT consultation published for Wellesley
Bellway Homes, Maida

The proposal issued by the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) is to appoint Severn Trent Connect as the new sewerage undertaker, and to vary the appointment of Thames Water as existing sewerage undertaker at Wellesley.

Ofwat stated:

“Having considered Severn Trent's' overall proposed service levels, and compared them with those of Thames Water, we are satisfied that customers on the Site will receive a level of service that is comparable with the level of service they would have received had they been served by Thames Water.”

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